Eating // What happened when we tried Hello Fresh

Duncs sister recently offered us a free trial of Hello Fresh which I thought was a great opportunity to report back on how we found it to help you guys.

If you’ve never heard of Hello Fresh, put simply, they deliver a box of ingredients to you weekly, along with recipes. Duncs sister told us how good they found it for finding new recipe ideas, but weren’t keen that you couldn’t highlight ingredients that you don’t like (she likes all seafood aside from prawns).

They offer three types of food packages (with example meals that come under each); classic, vegetarian and family. We chose classic (and were surprised that the vegetarian pack was the same price).

Everything arrived in perfect condition, within the allocated delivery slot. The fresh produce in one bag, the chilled items in a disposable chill package, and the other food items in a seperate package.

The recipe card showed the three meals we had been given; Rosemary glazed chicken with purple mash and buttered leeks, Jamie’s oozy tiger prawn risotto with tomatoes and chilli and finally, Pork satay burgers with paprika sweet potato wedges.

Day One – Rosemary glazed chicken with purple mash and buttered leeks

This was the most delicious dish of all three and the portion sizes were huge, we even kept back a couple of poatoes and were still full despite our large appetites. Dunc cooked the meals and told me that as the chicken  breasts were so thick they took longer to cook than the card suggested but other than that it was easy to follow. Big thumbs up for this dish and it certainly got us excited for the others.

Day Two – Jamie’s oozy tiger prawn risotto with tomatoes and chilli

This was a good, tasty risotto, not as nice as the chicken dish but still lovely. Our main problem with the dish was the lack of prawns, you can see from the picture near the top that there were very few prawns in the box, Dunc even cut them in half so that they appeared to go further. After the huge portion the day before this was a little strange. Otherwise a good dish!

Day Three – Pork satay burgers with paprika sweet potato wedges

This was the dish I was least looking forward to, I’m not a huge fan of pork and I hate satay! Therefore Dunc had a double stack burger and cooked me a beef burger that he had previously made and was in our freezer. He had all the satay and I put my own condiments on mine. 

The brioche was tasty and Dunc said that the burgers were tasty, however the wedges weren’t great. We often have sweet potato wedges and these just didn’t taste as good as ours! We are both fans of burgers and think it can be hard to top a really good burger dish.

All in all the meals were good, but maybe better suited to those who don’t cook much. If we had of paid for the meals it would have cost £39. That feels very steep to us. So if you like to cook, this maybe isn’t for you, the meals all took around 40 minutes to make so it isn’t even a quick option. However if you’re not a confident chef or want some meal inspo then maybe give it a whirl?

Let me know if you have tried or will be trying out Hello fresh.


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