Celebrations // Birthday wishlist

The last year has really been all about Wilf, he has (and quite rightly too) dominated every decision that I’ve made since I found out that I was pregnant and so to think about a day that is just about me feels very self indulgent. 

I hadn’t give much thought to presents. I don’t tend to buy much for myself anymore. I get more excited by baby clothes than adult clothes.This has led me to think about quality items, gifts that are timeless and will last, plus with turning 30 it would be goood to have presents that mean something. So when people recently started to ask what I would like it got me thinking, what do I really want (akin to spice girls circa 1996)?

I would bloody love a decent pair of trainers, you know, ones that cost more than ยฃ15 and won’t destroy my feet and make me regret wearing them the second I put them on.

Old skool vans

Vans authentic

Pink converse

Grey knit converse

It is also time for a decent bag. one that is large enough for multi purposes but that doesn’t flop over the second you put it down. My kanken has been our nappy bag and whilst it’s easy to carry, it is a sod to use one handed and I end up having to use a handbag aswell and so a shoulder come handbag with compartments would be divine. I also want it to be useable long term and so a classic design that I can use when not being mum, maybe even upon my return to work, is the dream.

Tote bag

Skip hop bag

Another investment piece is a new coat. I always struggle when buying coats between style, cosiness, being water resistant and purse friendly. I usually end up getting something cheap that hits just other one of these briefs. It has been four years since the last time I got a coat that could actually be worn in the rain so another option for those wet days would be amazing. I am even thinking a wax jacket might be perfect? 

Rain mac

Salt wax jacket

Utility waxed jacket

I would also love a new strap for my shore projects watch that Dunc got me last Christmas. I have the Poole silver and white dial with yellow strap which I adore, but they are designed to be interchangeable so a classic strap option would also be fab.

Wool strap

Leather strap

I love, love my silver jewellery but haven’t treated myself to anything new in forever so a new ring or necklace would be a lovely gift.

Rock n Rose

Eclectic Eccentricity

I would really like to have some clue as the minefield of make up and so I guess a voucher or something for a quality brand who I can get a tutorial with would be both a treat and about time for 30 year old me.
There isn’t anything quite so grown up as receiving homewares as gifts. A new cookbook stand or other baking paraphinalia is always welcome. As are some new plants for indoors or out, some photo frames, or even a nice print. Even a diffuser makes a nice gift (or is that just me?). I have also found time to read again and love people chosing books for me, Dunc is especially good at this.

Wool blanket

Cookbook stand


So erm, didn’t expect there to be quite so much! 
Of course this is just the dream list and I don’t expect to receive much or all of this. Some new socks and a couple of bath bombs from Lush would be just as lovely as I have Wilf this year, the best gift ever! Although Christmas is also around the corner so come on guys!!



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