Christmas // Here or there

Okay, we are well into October so here goes, I am not only mentioning the c-word, I am dedicating a post to it.

We have been talking about our plans for christmas this year, you see we have never done things in a set way. Over the last few years we have spent the day with friends, dined by ourselves and visited family, but now that Wilf is here, I would like to start some family traditions and cut down on christmas travel. 

My parents are a 20 minute drive away but Duncs are a 45 minute drive in another direction. I love our cooking and the best christmas meals have been cooked by either ourselves or our friends as opposed to our parents more traditional (read, stuck in their way) methods of cooking. So I would really like to have christmas at ours and as Dunc likes to relax at home he is also keen for this. 

But it is Wilf’s first christmas, would it be wrong to keep him shut up with us without seeing grandparents, or is it okay to do that on the other days around that time of year? Can we be totally selfish?

I haven’t spent much time at my parents on christmas day for a number of years, aside from an afternoon visit in 2014. I just find their christmasses very slow and quiet and we don’t enjoy our time as much as at a friends or at Duncs family. However, as we spent all of last christmas day with Duncs family I feel my parents would be hurt if we did that again. So instead of choosing, we might skip it and stay at ours, all day, just the three of us (plus Monty). 

What do you do at christmas time? Does anyone else have this problem of where to go? Do you all wish you could do something else?

Let me know that I’m not alone!


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