Parenting // To buy or not to buy

Being a first time expectant parent can be difficult for a number of reasons and one of the biggies is being prepared for baby, but not wasting money on the bits that aren’t necessary or used very much, or just a bit gimmicky.

So I wanted to share my experience on some of the controversial items to help you know what to do.

Nappy bin – most people tell you not to bother and to just buy a normal bathroom bin, but we are so glad we didn’t listen. These are always in the sale (as are the cartridge linings) so wait until that moment to purchase. We have found that for less than the cost of a normal bin we have something easy to use and easy to keep clean. It holds a lot of nappies with zero smell which means less trips to the outside bin, a godsend when you have a teeny one crying for milk. You also don’t need to use nappy bags for nappies which are just wet (not ‘soiled’) and although yes, the cartridges will need replacing, you can actually get a lot of use out of each one, especially if you’re careful to avoid lots of excess liner when tying the ends.

We bought the Angelcare nappy bin which was just £7 in the sale at Argos. They are sold all over so keep an eye out for the best price. Don’t forget the cartridges too. Also, it is so easy to change the cartridges, takes no time at all which is just what you’ll need!

Moses basket – the first thing I set eyes on was the snuzpod, then I saw the price. We mainly chose a moses basket as we were being lent the basket and frame by family and friends respectively. We only had to buy a new matress which was £25 and decided that it wasn’t much of an outlay if we found that we needed to change it.

The moses basket was fine at first, but at around two months we found that Wilf kept hitting the sides which were quite noisey and he just wasn’t sleeping as well. To test our concerns we put him in his pram carrycot which was such a hit that we have continued to use it. We recently had to use the moses at four months old but Wilf kept pushing his body to the top on the side, which is quite floppy. This was not good!

If I had of known about them, I would have gone for a next 2 me. Most mums I now know have these and rave about them. Plus there are always loads going second hand. They are much more reasonably priced than the snuzpod and are just a simpler version. So my advice, avoid a moses and go for a next 2 me, especially if breastfeeding and/or using a sleepyhead.

Baby bath – we didn’t buy one of these beforehand as we knew that you didn’t need to bath baby straight away and we weren’t sure about one anyway and decided it would be easy to buy one if we needed it.

Wilf has had all his baths in the big bath, either with us or in a little seat which we bought at three months in the sale (when baths became more regular and were part of his bedtime routine). We could have used our sink but Dunc wanted to do bath times and he wanted to do them in the bath.

From speaking to others an actual baby bath doesn’t get used much and quickly becomes too small. So save your pennies on this one!

Sleeping/grobags – at first a grobag was great as we couldn’t master swaddling. We were also given one as a present so didn’t have to spend money before knowing if it worked for us. The blankets also didn’t tuck into the moses well. A short while after transferring to the carrycot we did notice some unsttled sleep as the weather was warmer so switched to a blanket for a few nights which worked for Wilf. Two months on and we have only just switched back to grobags now the weather has turned. Wilf also fills the bag more which makes breastfeeding with it on easier (although we will soon have to change size and tog).

I think this one is tricky as most babies will have their own preferences but I would say to try to use one as they avoid the danger tuck once a safe transfer from arms to bed has been completed.

Bouncer chairs – we bought ours within the first fortnight and have used it every single day. We found it hard to find one which lay almost flat (which we wanted to be able to use it for naps) aswell as sitting up. But eventually settled on this one (after the one we wanted sold out) which a family friend then gifted to us.

I would say you need one of these and if it also bounces without your help, thats even better. Otherwise the baby bjorn is actually a good version and is light and compact.

So there you have it. I hope that this was helpful. Let me know in the comments if there is anything else you wish to know!



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