An Update // All about October

October started off with an evening at a local carnival. Our friends live right on the route of Ilminster carnival and so off we went, taking Wilf to his first one with the added benefit of indoor space. He looked fab in his Banz ear defenders and blue star fleece. A great start to a busy few weeks. Here’s what else we’ll be up to this month…

  1. Meeting Dunc for dinner in Exeter after work. It’s great to make the most of him working in the city, and it’s much more special than eating out locally.
  2. Visiting Bristol Ikea with my mum as it has been a whole year since my last trip and there are baby items to be bought such as their infamous high chair and this bargin mobile.
  3. Putting some finishing touches to the nursey. I need to crack on with some weaving and hang up our beautiful customised name garland from Secret Crafthouse.
  4. Planning my 30th birthday. I have decided to host a bonfire party and can’t wait to bring all my ideas to life. I may have been pinning
  5. Sort out my finances. Alas. Boring admin must be done. Especially as I’m on maternity leave pay.
  6. Celebrate. This month not only sees mine and Duncs five year anniversary, but also marks two years since we brought Monty home, some friends little ones birthdays and of course, Halloween!

What are you up to this month? Is there anything you’re particuarly looking forward to?


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