Home Life // Eight Autumn must dos

The days are becoming shorter and cooler. Washing no longer dries on the line, the windows are more likely closed, your knitwear has started to creep out and your evenings are spent curled up under a blanket. Yep, Autumn is here. 

I don’t know about you but I find there are certain things I do each season which make me all tingly with happiness at the changes. So here are my top eight things to do to welcome in Autumn.

  1. Go fruit picking – okay so it might not be as easy as heading down to your local PYO for strawberries in June, but scouring out areas where beautiful blackberries grow is much more satisfying. If you know someone with a bramley tree or two, ask to take some apples (you can even trade in some of your blackberries). Our autumnal raspberries are also out now so make the most of whatever fruit you have access to.
  2. Batch freeze aforementioned fruits – so far I have frozen about 4kg of bramley apples. Some I sliced into thin wedges and freezed in bags of around 500g and the rest I roughly chopped, then cooked down with a little water and sugar until the chunks start to loose their shape. I then seperated them into lots of small pots. These are easy to then grab out of the freezer for porridge toppings to see you through a few days/week. You can also freeze blackberries by lining them out on a baking tray and popping in the freezer overnight. The next day you can pop them into a bag and this means you can take out as many as you need at a time as they haven’t all frozen into one clump. Plums are also good frozen, I usually just slice up and freeze the same as the blackberries. 
  3. Go on a late afternoon/early evening walk – before the evenings get too dark and too cool, make the most of them and head out either after work or on a lazy sunday. You can even combine your walk with fruit picking.
  4. Take a long soak in the bath – I love to take baths in Spring and Autumn when the weather is cooler but not freezing. Head down to Lush and pick up some bath bombs, pop Netflix on and settle in for a nice, long soak.
  5. Get your garden ready for spring – yes you heard right, gardening might not be the coolest of pastimes, but you’ll thank me when spring comes around and you have pots and borders bursting with tulips, daffs, snowdrops and the like. Whilst you’re there up why not pot up some autumnal heathers or something similar to pop outside your front door for some seasonal kerbside appeal (as per header pic).
  6. Head to a local seasonal (and tacky) attraction – here in Somerset we have carnival season upon us where some towns host a one night only stream of vehicles busrting with bright lights, parading through the town. Local clubs of children usually take up residence on these floats, dress up and perform a dance routine. Yes it sounds wierd and I’m not sure other places do it but it’s kind of kitsch and reminds you of your childhood. Alternatively there might be a fair in a nearby town that visits each year? Pop your wooly hat on, head down, buy a bag of doughnuts and jump on the ghost train!
  7. Get the winter warmers out – jump in the loft, delve into the back of your wardrobe or look in the bottom of your wooden chest and pull out all those winter blankets for the sofa and your bed, find your coats that you gleefully stored away in Summer and make space in your chest of drawers for your cosy jumpers, thick socks and knitted tights. You’ll soon be glad of the chance to wrap yourself up. 
  8. Cook a warming dinner –  I would go for pie, mashed veg and gravy. A proper cold weather, warm and fill you up meal. Either make your own or try a Pieminster pie and maybe round off the meal with a homemade crumble!

      Will you be doing any of these? What autumnal traditions do you have? 


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