Home life // Six series for your autumn evenings

So autumn is kinda here which means curling up in front of the tele in the evenings. Dunc and I love a good series on Netflix and I love most period dramas so this list is a bit of a mix…

Narcos – series 2 is now showing on Netflix and although it is much slower than series 1, it is still totally gripping and full of unseen twists.

Fargo – we missed series 2 when it was on channel 4 and have been hoping it would appear online so when we noticed it on Netflix last month we dived in. If you’ve not yet seen it, get stuck in.

GBBO – of course bake off had to be on the list, you will find this on BBC1 at 8pm on Wednesdays and is basically all you could ever want from a tv show. 

Poldark – this is right up my street, I have also read the first three books and recommend this to anyone. Find it on BBC1 at 9pm on Sundays, or do like us and IPlayer it.

Victoria – again, perfect set up and I love Daisy Goodwin as an author (she wrote the series) but I’m not 100% sold on the show. The reason, the servants storylines, it’s a programme about Victoria, it’s not Downton Abbey. See what I mean by tuning into ITV3 on Sundays at 9pm (clashes with Poldark!).

First dates – should this be a guilty secret? Dunc isn’t a huge fan so I usually watch it on 4 on demand. I just find it such a good watch. In fact several seasons on and I’m not yet bored of it.

Oh and if you want a delicious treat whilst watching one of the above I can’t praise the latest offering from GU which is the billionaires pud. (Not sponsored, just love it.)

The Walking Dead should be returning soon which we are looking forward to, what are you currently watching or waiting to return?

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