Shopping // Mini Lush haul

Just a quick message to update you on my latest Lush haul. Just bath bombs today. Two for me and one for Dunc. That’s fair right?!

I had a bath with The Experimenter bomb and it was divine. The colours were beautiful as the bomb dissolved. The bath water did turn a dull teal colour but it had a nice golden shimmer and smelt incredible!

I still have the Yoga bomb left which I’m excited to try. It is yellow and smells beautiful. The shop assistant in Taunton Lush told me that it was her current favourite. I also got Blackberry for Dunc which didn’t smell too feminine so perfect for a fella! Dunc does love a bath bomb but I always try to pick the less glittery ones!!

Other than bath bombs, my favourite Lush product is the Popcorn Lip Scrub. Just a great quality product and I always keep one of their scrubs next to my bed! What is your favourite Lush bath bomb? I would love to hear your recomendations!



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