Day out // Liscombe Farm

We recently visited Liscombe Farm in Exmoor, just north of Dulverton. We intended to stop off here for an ice cream after a walk of Tarr Steps but unfortunately their car park was full so we headed straight for ice cream just down the road! 

It turned out to be a bit of a gem. Not only do they have a lot of choice of flavours but also a viewing window where you can see the cows getting milked, the same milk that will go in their ice creams. Such a good idea, especially for children to see.

I grew up on a farm and my dad was a milker at two farms simultaneously upon leaving school for over 15 years however things have changed a bit. The milker was totally automated, not a worker in sight! Seeing the farm and the process reminds you of how reasonable a pint of milk is when you consider what it takes to get each pint. 

I had strawberry & cream and smartie, Dunc had blackcurrant and cherry

After devouring the rather delicious ice creams and feeding Wilf in their cool cafe (it was too sunny to sit outside with him), we drove five minutes back down the road, parked up, put Wilf in the sling and had a little walk in the countryside of Exmoor. There was even a cute van selling their ice creams and soft drinks where we parked up, but we decided it would be a bit naughty to have another!

Even though we didn’t get to Tarr Steps we had such a lovely day and headed over to my parents house for a BBQ to get some proper food inside us too!

Have you ever been here? What’s your favourite ice cream brand/flavours? If you can’t yet tell, I bloody love ice cream!



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