Parenting // How has it been 12 weeks already?

So time has shot by and somehow it has been twelve weeks since Wilf was born. I mean yes I can’t actually picture life without him but how the frick have twelve whole weeks been and gone? 

So far I feel that things are getting better, if you read my post six weeks ago you’ll remember that I was just starting to find my feet and get into a rhythm and I feel that it’s still going in that direction. 

We have a very loose routine which isn’t based around times but just an order of how we do things. We still get out or have visitors pretty much every day and tackle new challenges such as going out for meals with him and taking longer walks with the pram. 

I also had an evening out with a friend where Wilf and I were apart for 3.5 hours and although I found it easy to switch back to me mode, I still swayed the conversation back to him and only waited a couple of hours before checking my phone (wanted to sooner than this though!). Then when I got home, very slightly tipsy from a pina colada I showered Wilf with kisses and cuddles and it felt like a whole day or week had passed. I didn’t like that feeling one bit. Thankfully Dunc and Wilf had a great evening and probably barely noticed my absence!

Don’t get me wrong, there are still challenges. The bit I find trickiest is timing leaving the house to fit in with nap/awake/feed times as most suited to our plans and this can easily go awry. I had a meltdown on Friday when I had to make a chocolate cake and had planned my day perfectly to buy ingredients, bake, cool cake and make visit with said cake in between feed times etc, only to get home from buying the ingredients to find that Dunc had devoured the chocolate I had already bought for said baking. Cue several pissy messages to Dunc, tears and a ruined baking sesh. 

On the whole, Wilf fits in just fine. He is pretty chilled and doesn’t seem to whinge for the hell of it. We enjoy playing, ‘talking’, mimicking each other and have started baby massage too now. Our days are awesome and I can’t imagine returning to normal life next year. I know soon we’ll have to start looking at nurseries and planning the future but I’m naughty and keep putting it off as I can’t bear to think about it all.

I’m hoping that time slows down real soon.



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