Summer // Cooling down

I recently made these easy peasy lollys to make the most of the current heatwave that we are experiencing and they were delicious!
The mould was a purchase from Matalan and is handy as you don’t need to buy the wooden lolly sticks. You can pick up similar moulds all over the place.

I simply whizzed up a banana along with a couple of handfuls of berries in the blender. This time I went with raspberries and strawberries but you could use any type. I poured the mixture into the moulds until about 2cm from the top.I then sliced some of the berries and put them in the moulds, topping up with the remaining mixture. Finally they went in the freezer overnight (if you have a freezer with drawers instead of a chest freezer make sure you choose a mould that is the right height to fit in the drawers).

And voila, a delightful treat to enjoy in the sun, or at anytime really. Next time I will try a tropical concoction with mango and passion fruit, mmm.
If you make these, don’t forget to tag me on instagram @millertracey !

Until next time.


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