Interiors // Kitchen tour

Our kitchen has had a complete transformation since we moved in a year ago. We knew when we bought the house that we would need to put a new kitchen in within the first year; however a broken oven brought this change forward and we started work within two months of moving in. 
We started by pulling out an in-built dresser which over-powered the room and blocked out a lot of light. We then knocked down the archway wall that seperated the small kitchen and small dining areas to open up up the space and let in some much needed light. The kitchen is dual aspect, however the windows are East and West facing so throughout most of the day, the light is limited. 

We then ripped out as much of the kitchen as we could, leaving only the necessities such as the sink, enabling us to still use the limited kitchen we had left over the next six weeks. 

Next the ceiling came down to enable new lighting to be fitted, along with a chance to rid ourselves of the artex ceiling (seriously, why all the artex?!). 
We were then able to get the walls plastered and painted ready for the kitchen fitting which started a month after the demolition!  

The last part of the kitchen came out and injust over a week our fitter had put in the new kitchen and flooring. Hurrah! This included a (working!) rangemaster oven,  a dishwasher and our beautiful larder cupboard.

Dunc chose the sage kitchen cupboards which add a bit of much needed colour to the room without darkening it. We decided to paint the walls white to make it as bright as we could. Neither of us are a fan of wall units in kitchens and as we had an awkward corner in the room we decided a larder was the way to go and we absoloutely love it!

We wanted to pull together the room withe the details. So the colour of the cupboards are highlighted in some of the additions to the room such as these metal vases and the clock. We also chose a ceramic sink as opposed to a metal or plastic one and have displayed some of the prettier kitchen items along with essentials, such as the food jars.

Over the next few weeks we finished the painting and electrics before taking a break over christmas and new year. 

We made very slow progress in the new year due to a variety of factors, but eventually sorted out those last few touches, the main one being tiling. Finally we recently put up some shelves, a blind and a rail and put our new table in place. 

There are still bits to do in here. We have a bit of skirting and edging to fit. Some tiling and paint touch ups, prints to go on the walls, a new light fitting and new chairs to buy, but I am so pleased with how it looks already that I couldn’t wait to share it.

One thing that I didn’t mention before was that this room was a sea of yellow before; yellow walls, yellow cupboards and even yellow on some of the tiles! Combine that with some dark stained glass light fittings and the light being blocked as mentioned above, it was such a dark room. Maybe I will dig out some before/progress photos for a later post!

What do you think of it? 



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