Interiors // Bedroom tour 

Our bedroom is the last room to really be tackled by us. I think that is because it needed the least doing so we just left it. Thing is, we should have just got it done and out the way at the start!
Our bedroom gets late afternoon and evening light. It is also in the eaves and so we wanted to keep everything as light as we could, but were also keen not to drown in white! Fairly early on we decided on a dark blue wall behind our bed and as the wall isn’t very high we were sure that it wouldn’t be too dark or feel overpowering. I think we got this right. 

Two things. Yes that is a Tom Hardy calendar and yes my jewellery hanger is jam packed.

I picked up the white and navy rugs to tie in with the wall and used them when selecting the wall colour. They were a bargain at £10 each in the Urban Outfitters sale in January.
I decided that I wanted some fresh tones in the bedroom too and thought that coral would be perfect for this. I soon picked up the cushions, pillow cases (also have a navy pair) and towel sets to bring the colour theme together. The coral cushion was just £2.99 in a recent sale at John Lewis and is so soft! Any other coral or dark blue items will probably be added over time as and when we see them.

We already had most of the furniture and Dunc recently bought an extra chest of drawers. Although the style is slightly different to the rest of the room I quite like it. It actually matches the cupboard in the nursery so maybe one day they’ll move in there and we will upgrade!

The built in wardrobe is fab and fits most of our clothes. It could do with a fresh lick of paint which I’m sure we’ll get round to!
The dressing table/shelf area is a recent addition. I decided on a shelf a while back and it works perfectly in the space. 

I would like more greenery in here but the succulents we had died which has put me off trying more, but I’m sure I’ll squeeze some in soon!
So there you have it. What do you think of our bedroom?


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