Creating // Baby Announcement / Thank You cards

I found it really difficult to find an announcement/thank you card that was simple and beautiful. I looked on Etsy, Not on The Highstreet and other websites just from Google searches. 
All the cards I found were very tacky and over the top. I don’t think people care about how long he was at birth, just let me have a photo showing his name and date of birth without some ugly wording written across it!

I finally found some simple yet pretty ones on Photobox, but they cost a little more than we wanted to spend. Then I stumbled upon some packs of normal ‘Thank You’ cards from M&S and considered just sending them out and being done with it. After all it was already six weeks post birth! I really did want to do something special though. 

After another scroll on Photobox to recalculate costs, I remembered their polaroid style photos. I had got some retro ones printed last year which look awesome and I had recieved loads of positive comments on. They weren’t overly purse friendly though. 

I then spied their standard prints and at 30p each, thought it was too good to be true. You can even add text to them, I tought that would be perfect for the name and date of birth. 

I am aware this may sound like an ad or sponsored post but I can assure you it isn’t!

I chose four different images for my 40 prints and added the text (you can change the font and size of the text). I then saw that I couldn’t duplicate them and realised the rest of my day would be spent loading the photos on 36 more times. I then saw the chat button. I spoke to a helper for a few minutes and they duplicated my prints for me. I just had to check the framing and text and boom, ordered! They arrived a few days later and in the meantime I headed back to M&S to pick up the cards. 

They had four packs of ten in the style I wanted, double boom, purchased. They only cost £3.50 each so the whole thing was at least half the cost of the other options I looked at and I thought the photos are just as nice a keepsake (if not better) than an all in one card.

I also decided that as a nice addition, we could add some foot or hand prints to some of the cards (it would be a bit much to get 40 prints from him, but we managed 12 before he got grizzly). I simply ordered a baby ink pad for around £8 from Amazon which we will use again and again!

I have to add that the quality of the prints from photobox are fab, they are glossy and the photos are sharp and are printed on card so aren’t flimsy at all.

And there you have it! Beautiful thank yous with a keepsake photo to mark Wilf’s arrival. Let me know if you plan to try something similar!


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