Celebrations // Planning my 30th birthday

My 30th is set to look a little something like this, rain pouring down, me in knitwear drinking a non-alcoholic beverage. Why? Well my birthday is in November and it will be almost two years since I last got drunk, or anywhere near it. 

You see Chirstmas 2014 was *slightly* ruined by one of the worst hangovers of my life and since that day I swore to not get drunk again (we’ve all made that promise a fair few times, am I right?!) and I actually stuck to it. I mean, I don’t go out to clubs anymore so that wasn’t hard to avoid, but I do love a night at a pub or beer festival. It’s just as I can no longer stand the feeling of being drunk or hungover I don’t have more than one, or maybe two drinks. Of course I fell pregnant almost a year ago and did not miss alcohol at all (okay so maybe at my friends wedding I did a little, but towards the end of the night seeing everyone drunk. I was glad to be the designated driver!).

What birthdays used to look like. Cider buffet anyone?!

Woah, kinda went off topic there. Sorry. What I mean is that aside from not really being fussed about drinking as much, I also want Wilf to be involved in my birthday celebrations so tonnes of alcohol just won’t be appropriate.

My birthday is in November which is a really crap time of year for a birthday. It is cold and wet. Everyone is saving their pennies for Christmas and friends who live away don’t usually want to travel ‘home’ to Somerset twice in two months (for the annual Christmas pilgramage home). 

Yet I want to do something special for my 30th, I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I haven’t really celebrated a birthday since my 25th. Last year I had bad morning sickness and although the fella took me away for the weekend, it was still overshadowed by the potential to throw up at any second. The year before I was ill and I can’t even remember my 26th or 27th which doesn’t bode well!

I had a party on my 25th which for the most part was awesome, but I don’t wanna do that again. I would like to do something at home joined by friends and maybe family. However our house isn’t huge and November means outside is off bounds unless we have a bonfire, but we have a lot of trees bearing over our garden so this probably isn’t possible. Maybe at my parents? I had a lot of bonfire/fireworks parties as a child. My birthday is 7th November so this was naturally an easy choice. But boy did I grow bored of them, especially as my sister got do do different and fun things for her July birthday parties (huge bouncy castle with ball pit metres from your house anyone?!). 

I thought about going to a theme park, but want to stay in the south and avoid London. However it turns out there aren’t any that meet those two requirememts!

I have considered a mocktail night or brunch or lunch. But again hosting is tricky, so do we go out and spend more money??

Brunch means pancakes right?!

I have considered renting a house, but it obviously costs dolla. Maybe I can find something near a coast and we can have some wet and windy coastal walks, some cosy nights and friends and family can join whenever? Maybe I should embrace the weather instead of complaining about it.

I just can’t decide! This year my birthday falls on a Monday so will probably celebrate on the previous Saturday (oh, guy fawkes night we meet again). Any ideas, suggestions or moans if you also have a rubbish month in which to celebrate are encouraged!

Thanks in advance!


PS. I do know one thing, I want those giant helium number ballons as I am a total blogger cliche!!


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