Home Life // 18 things about life with a cat

  1. Your tights will never be fur free
  2. Pens and kirby grips will always end up on the floor
  3. You can’t leave dairy products unattended
  4. You will hear things getting knocked over
  5. Anything trailing will be attacked / chewed
  6. On occasions you will find half your dressing table contents on the floor
  7. You will see small spurts of sunlight through the curtains where cat claws have made holes from climbing up them
  8. They will try to trip you up especially when walking down the stairs
  9. They will be indecisive over being inside or outside and ultimately prefer to sit in an open doorway
  10. Some items of your furniture will be chosen as their scratching posts (and they will walk past the scratching post you bought to get to them)
  11. You will occasionally be woken by their paws tapping your nose
  12. They will stealth stalk you from behind doors
  13. They have the widest, darkest eyes when at their most evil
  14. They will show off their belly for a rub, 90% of the time this is a rouse to attack you
  15. They will stand next to the litter tray as you clean and change it, ready to wee in it as soon as the new litter is in place
  16. They will come inside to use the litter tray
  17. They will make their presence known when it is their feed time (and for the two hours before their feed time)
  18. You will love them despite / because of, all of these things!



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