Pregnancy // 13 things to do just before baby arrives

So you’re pregnant, finishing work for probably the next nine to twelve months and it’s now a waiting game till baby decides to make an appearance.
Now I’m sure this list isn’t exhaustive and of course nothing bad will happen if you don’t do these things, but it is just a list of what I did during my maternity leave before Wilf arrived. Some of it is to help keep you busy, some is the chance to do things that will be harder to do once baby has arrived and some are basic pre baby arrival jobs.

  1. Treat yourself // this can be whatever you want. I had a few long baths with some bath soak I was given. I also enjoyed lots of ice cream and made sure to have some slow relaxing mornings.
  2. Wash all baby clothes // all baby clothes, blankets, bedding, etc, need to be washed with non-bio detergent. Once washed and dried you can spend ages organising where they will live.
  3. Think about baby thank you / announcement cards // I had a look at the sort of thank you / announcement cards I liked and made sure I had all the addresses I would need. It’s one less thing to worry about once baby is here.
  4. Read // whether it’s books, magazines or blogs. Read all you can, it will be much harder to read a good book with baby needing you day and night.
  5. Catch up with friends // make plans to see your friends whilst it’s just you. A meal out, a walk or talking baby prep with your mum friends, whatever it is, focusing on them will be harder soon.
  6. Meal prep // Dunc was good enough to do this. He batch made some lasagnes, soups, mousakka, burgers, meatballs, chilli, etc; aswell as ensuring we had some steaks, sausages, pies, fruit, pittas, fish fillets, breaded fish, fishcakes, etc in the freezer ready for easy cooking/deftosting.
  7. Spend time with your partner // Dunc took the first week of my mat leave off too and alongside finishing off some jobs in the house and buying those last minute putchases we also had some us time, including a day out to the coast, knowing it was our last day out as a twosome!
  8. Set up changing stations // we bought two wicker baskets and I filled each of them with around 40 nappies, a big pack of cotton wall, anti-bac hand gel, nappy rash cream, nappy bags, a towel, a muslin and spare baby clothes. We put one upstairs and the other downstairs, both with a changing mat and a tub for water. I can’t imagine having to run upstairs or rummage in the cupboards for any of this. It made such a difference in those early days to have it to hand.
  9. Buy essentials // we were those people who got a lot (but not everything) before babys arrival, including enough nappies, baby wipes and nappy bags to see us through for several months. As long as you have the necessities to change your baby, and their inital sleeping arrangements you don’t need to worry about getting everything in advance. You will probably have people asking to buy you something or giving you money or vouchers anyway and it’s nice to be able to tell them what you bought with it / them. It’s also 2016 so the chance is if you do need something, you or someone on your behalf can get it very quickly.
  10. Get crafty // although I didn’t realise it at the time, whilst having contractions I was making a mobile for baby’s cot. This is still unfinished over five weeks later!
  11. Bake // I baked for friends and family and for us, it’s something that I love to do and is the perfect time waster.
  12. Make a start on the nursey // our nursery still isn’t finished so don’t stress about getting everything done, however you will probably want the basics in place. Two days before Wilf’s arrival we got the blind up and his cot put together!
  13. Finish jobs around the house // remember that job that you’ve put off, get it done. We were painting our bedroom amongst other tasks! Anything will be harder to get done once baby arrives.

Is there anything else that you did when you finished work? Are you about to go on maternity leave? If so, what, if anything, do you have planned?


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