Eating Out // Atomic Burger


Earlier this year we had to go up to Bristol for an appointment and wanted to grab some lunch whilst we were there. Due to our love of burgers we decided to hit up Atomic Burger on Gloucester Road as Dunc had heard good things about. As it’s not in central Bristol and neither was our appointment, it was the perfect opportunity to try it, and we weren’t dissapointed.


The decor is very quirky, full of toys and memorabilia from cartoons and kids tv programmes of old. Lots of retro pieces cover the ceiling and walls, and the theme is even continued into the toilets!



The burgers are all named after famous characters from film and tv. You can switch up ingredients or even make your own. You are so spoilt for choice that deciding on what to have is not easy!

I had the Audrey Hepburn (but I switched the fried egg to fried onions) and Dunc had the Dolly Parton which is one of their Big Burgers. We also had sides, I went for Fries and Dunc had a Super Side of Dirty Fries. The burgers were incredibly tasty, we’ve been so used to chain burger establishments that it was so refreshing to have something different. You could almost taste the passion that goes into their food.

But not just their food, I had the Cookie Monster milkshake (choosing the right milkshake took an incredibly long time…), but without the cream and it was hands down the best oreo milkshake, if not the best milkshake I’ve ever had. It was so good that I think I finished it before the food came out!



Somehow, we had room for pudding and decided to share the Belgian Waffles (I say share, it was a 20/80 split in my favour). They were also delicious and rounded off the meal perfectly.


Considering it was a normal Wednesday lunch time away from the hubub of the city centre, there were still several other diners aside from us. I think this is a great mark of a well loved restaurant and one that we will definitely be heading back to!


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