Pregnancy // The early days


As promised, today I am talking about my pregnancy experiences so far.  I’m currently 31 weeks, but am winding back to the start for this post.

The elation when I saw that positive pregnancy test, was such an amazing feeling that I can’t even describe it.  I always thought I’d be a natural at being pregnant, thought I’d breeze through it, ha, what a laugh!

I booked an appointment with my new GP, and was pretty disappointed.  She didn’t even re-test me, she just believed me!  She also wouldn’t attempt to date my pregnancy, so booking my first midwife appointment was tricky as she would give me no indication when to book it (turns out I was almost six weeks at this point).  She also made me feel that I was wasting her time and had a “was there anything else” attitude.  Not a great start.  Luckily, my first midwife appointment went well, my midwife was very supportive and enthusiastic, which made me feel better for leaving my sick bed to be there.

I found out that I was pregnant in the last week of September and over the coming weeks the nausea quickly started, followed swiftly by bloating and trapped wind (delightful) and sickness.  I had to have some time off work during October and November as I had some really bad days where even walking to the bathroom was a mission.  Feeling so ill was also making it impossible to get a good nights sleep and there was pretty much constant stomach discomfort.  On the days that I made it into work I was literally stumbling out the door at the last possible minute and making it in just as the clock turned 9, very unlike me.  During this time, the bloating and trapped wind was just the worse thing I’d ever experienced and it was affecting me all day and night.  I was also suffering with exhaustion and found that it was all I could do to be alert at work and so by the time I got home, I could barely move from the sofa.

I can’t even tell you some of the pain I experienced from the trapped wind, I have continued to suffer with it throughout my pregnancy, but the latter half has been no where near as bad as those first months.  It came down to me not understanding what I could eat and drink that wouldn’t leave me in pain.  I did eventually sort this out, but before that happened I had some real bad nights.  Vomiting from the pain of trapped wind is like no pain I’ve ever felt!  Turns out that as disgusting as it tastes, there is nothing like peppermint tea to sort out a bloated belly.  I wish I had tried it sooner!

I continued to be sick every day up until I was 18 weeks (if one more person said to me that it would soon stop I think I would have punched them in the face).  At 20 weeks the sickness stopped completely, phew!  I actually didn’t believe it was real, but I’m skipping ahead so lets take it back.  I suffer with travel sickness (in cars, coaches and ferries)  in usual life and apparently that makes it more likely that you will suffer with morning sickness.  I swear that whenever I was a passenger in the car during those first months, even during a fifteen minute journey, it was like the travel and morning sickness combined to make me feel sickness on a whole new level.  I also had to cancel working plans as I just couldn’t travel anymore.

During this time I basically lived off jacket potatoes and toast (not together!), I think this was also due to the fact that we had no kitchen!  But food with little flavour was my friend. I also couldn’t stomach strong food smells at this time, or big meals.  I generally found I was sick in the morning, but on those bad bloated days, it could happen at anytime.  One day I continued to be sick during a 22 hour period, that was one of the worst days.  I also found that I was starving as soon as I was sick with morning sickness (as opposed to bloated sickness) and whether or not I saw that food again was a gamble!

I felt like a really bad girlfriend during this time.  All Dunc would experience is hearing me throw up, seeing me on the edge of sleep, unable to do anything or go anyway, or listen to me moan about nausea or whatever else was happening to me on that day.  He was amazing though and I am so lucky to have him!

I think I’m going on a bit, so I’ll leave this post here for now and talk about the scans in my next pregnancy post.

Let me know if you can relate to any of my experiences!


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